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AIB OJSC renders settlement and cash service with manat currency to corporative clients who have both of resident and non-residents of Azerbaijan Republic and presents a complete range of banking services existing in financial market of Azerbaijan. AIB makes discounts for the clients who perform active operations on their accounts. Bank renders services for the clients related to settlement and cash services under contract.   

The bank has many correspendent relations that allow for quick and quality customer payments.

      Corporative clients can perform the following works:

  • Open settlement and current accounts in a short time;
  • Be advised about procedure on performance of bank operations;
  • Transfer money on Azerbaijan and foreign countries;
  • Get their money transfers;  
  • Perform turnover operations;
  • Task Bank to monetize funds automatically;
  • Task Bank to store of certain funds rest in the account;
  • Transfer cash to account or get cash from account;
  • Perform orders on delivery of cash.

Giving of cash currency to Bank’s clients is performed in accordance with valid legislation of Azerbaijan Republic. AIB supports coordination of direction of financial activity at the same time performs whole potential opporunities of client.

Timely and reliable payment of trade contracts are significant for successful operation of our firm in international markets. Protecting loyal name and image of his clients, AIB OJSC offers wide network of settlement services which will allow settle the problems of the most demanding clients in order to meet demand for performance of their international payments:

  • Bank transfer with foreign currency;
  • Forms of letter of credit settlement;
  • Services on turnover of cashless currency.

      Settlement service rendered to client includes the following services:

  • Transferring of money form his account to beneficiary’s bank under client’s order;
  • Submission of statement related to all operations on client’s account to client or his confident person. This information is submitted to the client in paper carrier.
  • Advising of client about legislation issues on document turnover rules related to performance of the settlement operations.    

      Additional services package:

  • The fulfillment of the request for the customer’s request for the material transferred;
  • Submission of account history for inquired period;
  • Approval about performance of payment order.

      Bank offers you complex cash service which surrounds the followings:

  • Giving  of cash foreign currency and cash from bank’s cash-box during operation day;
  • Acceptance of cash and cash foreign currency in bank’s cash-box via transfer of money funds to your account simultaneously, acceptance of currency to bank’s cash-box, acceptance of cash foreign currency to cash collection;
  • Changing of foreign currency banknotes. 
Settlement and cash services